Chinese martial arts, broad and profound. One of the most widely known is the Shaolin pulse. Song Mountain from the foot of the mountain, after a winding winding pine and trees, that came to the "worlds first brake" Songshan Shaolin Temple. The day is still not bright, the monks here began a day of practice, winter training 39, summer practicing three volts, no day of the stop. It is also because of these Shaolin monks devote themselves to the development, in order to have "the world martial arts Shaolin, Shaolin Kung Fu Jia Tianxia" famous. Recently, a new MPV model Changan Ling Xuan in the same turbo manufacturers uk experienced after the practice of exquisite teacher "down", as the national brand strategy in the Chinese car leading brand, Changan Ling Xuan "division" Changan car for the automobile production "Wu Learning "is also very deep, the new car off the assembly line also officially opened the Changan Zhi Zhi factory - Changan Automobile two river base of the new factory of the mystery, then the just division of the" martial arts "upstart Changan Ling Xuan have what Really kung fu? And its division Changan Changjiang two new base of the factory and what hard power? Changan Ling Xuan, skill than others more than a little more Changan Lingxuan is a medium-sized home MPV, into the rivers and lakes of the skill than others more than a little more, first of all, in terms of value, Changan Ling Xuan let consumers refreshing, by the Changan Japan Design Center and China The team carefully designed, each face, every line and even every part, have been scrutinized by the designer thousands of times, and finally become fashionable and unique sense of style of design. Highly iconic wing front face, horizontal stretch of three chrome intake grille, sharp Hawkeye headlamps, gold proportion of the body, muscular body lines, sky panoramic sunroof, every place is satisfied The consumers eye, for the consumers car life to enhance the more value Is the so-called there is a face, Changan Ling Xuans internal strength is also very deep, interior with two-color with the center console of the soft material and chrome trim piano panel with a seamless, full of texture and exquisite atmosphere; , Deputy instrument panel central handrails and other details of the Department are also by the soft package, to the consumer in every possible way to enjoy. Space, Changan Ling Xuans effort is more flexible, imposing and imposing. 2 + 2 + 3 seat layout with up to 9 kinds of magic seat combination, invincible third row design, sofa full care car seats, forest level VOC, deep sea quiet level NVH for the seven homes to provide a perfect trip Program, enjoy the move, camping, picnic and other family needs, so that every family in any seat can feel the same comfortable. In addition, Changan Ling Xuan naturally have the trick to protect others, equipped with a new in Call3.0 + 4G T-box intelligent vehicle interconnection system, equipped with the German Bosch ESP system, tire pressure monitoring system, high-strength body safety cabin and other intelligent, safe configuration , With extraordinary intelligence for consumers to bring an indestructible security barrier. Zhi Zhi factory, car "martial arts master" cultivation base The so-called out of the door, the production of Changan Ling Xuan Zhi Zhi factory as Shaolin Temple, cultivate a lot of "martial arts strong", in addition to Changan Ling Xuan, there are future listing of Changan CS55 and Rui Cheng CC are in this production, the two rivers Base new factory design capacity of 240,000, the limit capacity of up to 360,000, is a response to the country to create "Made in China" brand, practice the concept of Seiko quality, and actively promote the "industrial 4.0" development and construction of world - class modern factories. The factory has a complete workshop of stamping workshop, welding workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop and so on. The stamping workshop has high automatic production line. The production line adopts the completely closed design, the whole work efficiency is very efficient, the mold replacement is only 3 minutes Fast completion, while the noise can be controlled within 82 decibels, up to the domestic industry-leading level, is the Changan system (including joint venture) the first intelligent stamping production line. Welding workshop with the same platform multi-type flexible collinear production, with 440 robots, automation rate of 72%, is a domestic first-class. Painting workshop in accordance with the "environmental protection, energy saving, intelligent, lean" concept, the use of water-based 3C1B spraying process and automatic robot spraying and other technology, and the use of the end of the "zeolite enrichment + incineration" equipment treatment of varnish emissions, VOCs emissions Greatly reduced, a series of above technology are in a leading position in the international. In the final assembly workshop, the new factory logistics to take the automatic AGV cycle makes the material distribution management orderly; in the assembly process, the new plant uses an automatic vehicle identification system, using RFID Tag automatically scan vehicle information, determine the model And processing technology information, to guide the relevant production; intelligent also reflected in the assembly line, such as ergonomic 可 can be lifted electric skateboard, saving manpower glass automatic coating and assembly of robots and other high-tech equipment are engaged in the creation of Every passenger car in the work. Into the Changan Automobile since 2017 has been the introduction of new cars, and the past two years, Changan Automobile also made the industrys leading sales, and harvested the good reputation of consumers. Good reputation must have hard power, Changan car Zhi Zhi factory superb skills in Changan Lingxuan who show the "skill" is also practicing their own as a "high-quality product providers," the brand responsibility for the consumer to create More intelligent, more comfortable, better new driving experience, and in the future, we also look forward to Changan Automobile can be profound knowledge, in the field of MPV to create more explosive models!